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La SFP à la World Physio

30 mai 2023 Association
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Les membres de la SFP présentent leurs travaux
au congrès de la World Physiotherapy

Alexandra RÖREN

Présentation :


- Remote telerehabilitation to maintain adherence to home-based exercise therapy in people with musculoskeletal disorders: a pilot study.


- Postural stabilty and gait spatio-temporal parameters in people with non-specific chronic low back pain : an observational cross-sectional comparative study.


Session Chair :

ePOS-084 - Pain & pain management, 04/06/23



Présentation :


- Trunk isokinetic strength and endurance in two groups of people with chronic low back pain participating in 2 different multidisciplinary functional restoration programs: a longitudinal retrospective study

Présentation :

- Tongue motor control is impaired in patients with temporomandibular disorder : a proof-of-concept control-case study.


Session Chair  :

  • ePOS-035 Innovative technology, 3/06/23 
  • ePOS-065 Neurology: stroke, 04/06/23

Sébastien MATEO

Présentation : 


- The 6-minute stepper test and the sit-to-stand test predict complications following major lung resection: a prospective inception cohort study




Présentation : 


- Early open kinetic chain improves return to sport after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction without graft laxity increasing 

Matthieu GUEMANN

Présentation : 


- Heterogeneity of practice and lack of description of mirror therapy intervention in phantom limb pain treatment: a scoping review


Session Chair : 

ePOS-083 Pain & pain management, 04/06/23


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